Where is my swag?

The most up-to-date information regarding the status of your swag can be found on the UPS tracking page. For any questions, please reach out to support@printfection.com

Can I change my shipping address?

To request a change of shipping address, please email support@printfection.com. Depending on where your swag order is in the production process we might not be able to accommodate the change of address request.

Tracking shows my swag has been delivered but I don't have it. 

UPS can sometimes prematurely mark packages delivered. Please wait an additional 3 business days for your swag to be delivered.  If you still don't receive it after this timeframe, please reach out to support@printfection.com.

Can I exchange my swag for a different size? 

Printfection is not able to offer an exchange for an alternative size of your swag.  If you would like a different size, please reach out directly to Team Quality Services for further assistance.

I received my swag but it's the wrong size, wrong item, or is damaged. 

If your order arrives with a damaged item, the correct item but wrong size from what you ordered, or the completely wrong item we are happy to help make things right! Please email support@printfection.com.

I would like to return my swag and/or receive a refund.  

Printfection is not able to offer a refund or process a return of your swag. If you would like this, please reach out directly to Team Quality Services further assistance.